🌻 Blozzom Jewelry|Live Every Moment 🇭🇰 香港品牌 💗 18K金/鉑金 及 天然鑽石 🎁 產品:鑽飾|求婚戒指|對戒 Call/ Whatsapp/ Signal 都搵到我! +852 6029 9862 預約睇款/上呢個網站👇🏻 ABOUT BLOZZOM Blozzom Jewelry is a local brand formed by two girls who understand the change of jewelry market in Hong Kong. Nowadays, ladies wear jewelry differently since it becomes wearable from day to night. Our jewelry is perfect for all outfits of the day, casual, formal or dresses. Jewelry always represents femininity and social status of a lady and brings confidence and beauty. We hope to provide our clients the best quality of jewelry, since we believe every lady deserves to have the “good jewelry” in their lives. We even hope to highlight the personality of each unique lady by our jewelries. Hence, we treat our clients as friends, not just clients. Diamonds and 18K Gold are our main components for making jewelry. Diamonds are traditionally seen as eternal love and always related to engagement rings. However, diamonds are now more perceived to have deeper spiritual meanings because of their rarity, purity and brilliance. This is why diamonds are the main components in our jewelries which we believe to bring strength, fortitude and courage to the one appreciates it.