我們協助機構開發應用程式 – 手機App、網頁應用程式及雲端系統;設計雲伺服器基礎架構,並實施物聯網及區塊鏈解決方案,提高運營效率。

Studio A | S.A Group


S.A Group提供全系列蘋果產品以及各式嶄新的電子及電器產品。更為每位客人提供致貼心的專業意見去滿足客人多變的需求。


We build mobile apps that create competitive advantage

Web3 & Blockchain Development

At Innopage, we believed that Blockchain and Web3 applications is the next wave of technological innovation, which will disrupt many existing industries, in a way that is very similar to World Wide Web in 2000s and Smart Phones in 2010s, also opening doors to many new business opportunities that is yet to be explored.

Since 2017, Innopage technical team has been researching and developing blockchain applications. Therefore we have extensive experience in Blockchain, Smart Contract and Web3 related applications, including blockchain validation node, smart contract development, Decentralized Apps (DApps) development, and NFT minting services.

Blockchain application consultation

We help business understand how blockchain can fit to their business model. Our blockchain consulting services and apps development service include customized apps built on Ethereum and EVM compatible blockchains. Our blockchain experts will guide you throughout the development cycle and select the most appropriate technologies for the project.

Smart Contract Development and consultation

Our team of smart contract developers help you to develop immutable and secure smart contracts using Solidity to suit your business needs. We also provide consultation and review service to ensure your Solidity smart contracts are accurate and adhere to the best practice.


Customized DApps Development

We help our clients to design and develop customized DApp from start to finish, from ideation to design coding, all the way to the launch of the product. For example NFT marketplace, Crypto Wallet, Crypto Token and Tokenized asset development, and customized Web3 mobile apps development.